The Biggest List of Board Games Ever

An Alphabetical List of Every Board Game We've Ever Heard of or Could Find, Anywhere!






The Big Board Game List

7 Wonders Board GameThis is just a list of board games. If we have a page on a specific board game, we've linked to it. These are organized in alphabetical order, and this page is a work in progress, so it's incomplete. I've included a brief description of each game.


  • 7 Wonders - A card game where your goal is to develop your hand over the course of three ages.
  • 1830: Railways & Robber Barons - The players' goal is to make the most cash buying and selling stock in various rail companies.
  • 1960: The Making of the President - Players take the roles of John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon during the 1960 presidential election.


  • Abalone - Michel Lalet's and Laurent Levi's abstract strategy board game for 2 persons, played with colored marbles.
  • Acquire - Players invest in businesses with the goal of maintaining a majority of stock in each company. Has a tile placement element.
  • Advanced Squad Leader - A revision of the original Squad Leader game.
  • Age of Steam - Players take the roles of railroad tycoons who want to finance their locomotives and railroad tracks.
  • Agon - An abstract strategy game played on a hexagonal board.
  • Agricola - Players take the role of farmers with wives. Your goal is to get meaningful work done and expand your household.
  • Alien Frontiers - A science fiction themed board game where players take the roles of deep space colonists.
  • Amun Re - Players become pharaohs in Egypt with the goal of building pyramids.
  • Apples to Apples - This isn't really a board game. It's more of a party game/word game/card game, but it's so much fun we felt like we had to include it.
  • Are You a Werewolf? - Another party game, with more in common with poker and roleplaying games than anything else.
  • Arkham Horror - A horror themed boardgame inspired by the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft. Several Arkham Horror expansions are now available.
  • Automobile - Players run automotive factories over the course of several years.
  • Axis and Allies - Possibly the most famous World War II board game ever. The section about Axis & Allies on our site includes multiple pages, including sections about some of the various spinoff/expansion games like Axis & Allies: Battle of the Bulge and Axis & Allies: Guadalcanal.


  • Babel - One of the games featured in the Kosmos 2-player series of games, with "ancient world" and "temples" themes.
  • Backgammon - A traditional game that combines elements of chance with strategy. Commonly played as a gambling game.
  • Balloon Cup - Another of Kosmos two player series. The players take short balloon trips and use colored cubes to keep score.
  • Battle Line - Players try to win flags which are determined by placing cards into hands.
  • BattleLore - A wargame set in a fantasy version of Medieval Europe.
  • Battlestar Galactica - Players take the roles of characters from the show, and their goal is to help humanity survive.
  • Betrayal at House on the Hill - A horror themed board game with really high production values.
  • Blood Bowl - A fantasy version of football played by orcs.
  • Boggle - A famous word game--not as famous as Scrabble, which is a crossword puzzle board game. Boggle is a word search board game.
  • Brass - A historical game where players try to build cotton mills, coal mines, and other things in order to have them used and score points.


  • Candyland - One of the most famous kids' games in the United States.
  • Car Wars - More of a miniatures game from Steve Jackson, where cars battle it out in the near future.
  • Carcassonne - A tile laying game set in historic France.
  • Caylus - Players take the roles of master builders who are responsible for building the King's castle and the surrounding city.
  • Chaos in the Old World - Players portray gods in the fantasy setting of Warhammer.
  • Checkers - One of the most famous and popular abstract strategy board games in the world, and a game which appeals to young and old alike.
  • Chess - Possibly THE most famous abstract strategy board game of all time.
  • Civilization - Players lead ancient civilizations throughout history.
  • Claustrophobia - A fantasy adventure game representing battles in underground tunnels.
  • Cluedo - Whether you call it Clue or Cluedo, it's still the most famous and popular game of amateur detective-ness in the world. This section of our site includes multiple pages, including pages about Clue: Secrets and Spies and Clue: Discover the Secrets.
  • Combat Commander: Europe - A board game that recreates tactical infantry combat in Europe during the second World War.
  • Commands & Colors: Ancients - A historical war game that spans from 3000BC to 400AD.
  • Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear! Russia 1941-1942 - A tactical boardgame set during the German invasion of Russia.
  • Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel! Kursk 1943 - A wargame that recreates the German tank attack on Kursk.
  • Cosmic Encounter - Players lead an alien race that's establishing colonies in the other players' solar systems.
  • Crokinole - An abstract strategy game that requires skill in order to flick the disks.
  • Cyclades - Players build cities in the ancient Greek islands, the Cyclades.


  • Descent: Journeys in the Dark - A fantasy boardgame of dungeon crawling, with multiple scenarios.
  • Die Macher - Players control political parties in different German regions during various elections.
  • Diplomacy - A favorite board game of JFK's, Walter Cronkite's, and Henry Kissinger's.
  • Dixit - A storytelling card game.
  • Dominant Species - Players take the roles of a class of animals, and their goal is to survive the impending Ice Age.
  • Dominion - A popular card game where the players take the roles of monarchs trying to expand their kingdoms.
  • Dork Tower - A tongue-in-cheek comedy fantasy board game with art from John Kovalic.
  • Dune - A board game set in the eponymous universe of Frank Herbert.
  • Dungeon Lords - A dungeon crawl board game where the players run the dungeons--hiring monsters, buying traps, etc.


  • Earth Reborn - A science fiction board game set 5000 years after a nuclear holocaust.
  • Egizia - Players build monumnets in ancient Egypt.
  • El Grande - Players take the roles of Grandes in Spain during the medieval time period. Your goal is to draft caballeros and take control of provinces.
  • Endeavor - Players try to build a European empire by exploring and trading throughout the world.



  • The Galaxy Trucker BoardgameGalaxy Trucker - A science fiction board game where players try to build spaceships using sewer pipes.
  • A Game of Thrones - Players take the roles of several noble families fighting for control of the kingdoms. Based on the George R.R. Martin novels. Gameplay is similar to Diplomacy.
  • Glenn Drover's Age of Empires: The Age of Discovery - Players portray colonial powers seeking wealth and fame in the New World.
  • Glory to Rome - A resource management game where players try to rebuild Rome after a fire in 64AD.
  • Go - An ancient abstract strategy game that originated in China.
  • Goa - An auction and resource management game set in India and Portugal.


  • Hammer of the Scots - A boardgame that recreates the rebellion of William Wallace, the Braveheart.
  • Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage - A historical game set in 200BC that recreates the struggle between Hannibal and the Roman Republic.
  • Hansa Teutonica - Players portray traders who try to control cities through a network of offices.
  • Here I Stand: Wars of the Reformation 1517-1555 - A boardgame that recreates the religious and political conflicts of Europe in the 1500's.
  • Hive - An abstract strategy game without an actual board, Hive can be played on any flat surface or table.


  • Illuminati - The card game of conspiracy written by Steve Jackson.
  • Imperial - Players portray investors who influence politics.
  • Imperial 2030 - Players represent investors who influence politics in the future. A science fiction themed version of Imperial.
  • In the Year of the Dragon - Players become rulers in China in the year 1000AD. During the course of the game, they have to deal with disease, drought, and Mongol attacks.
  • Indonesia - An economic game that transitions from an agricultural to an industrial economy during gameplay.



  • Kill Dr. Lucky - James Ernst's game stands Clue on its head. Players take the roles of the murderers before and during the crime, instead of after.


  • Le Havre - Players take the roles of townsfolk in Le Havre, a port city in France, where they use good from the wharves to make points.
  • London - This board game is set in London during the 250 years following the Great Fire. It's a citybuilding game.
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game - A cooperative card game set in Tolkien's Middle Earth.
  • Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation - A two player game that pits Mordor against the rest of Middle Earth.


  • Mansions of Madness - Like Arkham Horror, this game is inspired by the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft. Players portray investigators exploring haunted houses and other spooky places.
  • Memoir '44 - A World War II boardgame that represents multiple battles.
  • Merchants & Marauders - A boardgame that recreates the golden age of piracy.
  • Modern Art - A Reiner Knizia game in which players buy and sell works of art. The goal is to make the most profit while buying and selling.
  • Monopoly - The classic real estate buying and selling game with thousands of editions.
  • Munchkin - A card game that spoofs RPG's.
  • Mystery Express - A board game with a similar theme to Clue but very different gameplay.


  • Napoleon's Triumph - A wargame that recreates the Austerlitz battlefield.
  • Navegador - A boardgame that simulates the Portuguese Age of Discoveries in the 1500's.
  • Notre Dame - This game is set in Paris in the late 14th century. Players take the roles of influential families who are trying to increase their power and prestige.


  • Ogre - A miniatures game that pits super tanks of the future against each other.


  • Pandemic - A challenging, cooperative boardgame where players portray members of the Center for Disease Control trying to stop a pandemic from destroying the world.
  • Parcheesi - The classic racing board game from India, which was the precursor to Sorry.
  • Paths of Glory - A card game driven war game set during World War I.
  • Pictionary - Another great party game. Similar to Charades, only with drawing instead of acting.
  • Power Grid - Your goal is to supply cities with power by routing and connecting between power plants.
  • The Princes of Florence - Players take the roles of families in Florence. Your goal is to attract scholars and artists, who generate work points which can be used to achieve victory.
  • Puerto Rico - A game for 2-5 players in which the players take the roles of plantation owners in Puerto Rico.



  • Ra - An Egyptian themed auction game, where players can build monuments and influence pharaohs.
  • Race for the Galaxy - The players' goal in this card game is to build a galactic civilization.
  • Railroad Tycoon - Set during the early days of the railroads, the player's goal is to build a railroad empire. A simplified version of Age of Steam.
  • Railways of the World - A revision of the Railroad Tycoon boardgame.
  • Risk - Another classic of world domination. Everyone I know has played Risk at some point in their life.
  • Runewars - A fantasy game where players try to conquer territories. It's set in the same fantasy universe as Runebound and Descent: Journeys in the Dark.


  • Samurai - A Reiner Knizia game with a Japanese theme.
  • The Settlers of Catan - Players build settlements on the island of Catan.
  • Seven Dragons - Similar to Dominoes. Published by Looney Labs.
  • Shadows over Camelot - A King Arthur themed board game from Days of Wonder.
  • Shogun - Players portray Daimyo's and their troops, trying to develop their kingdom in Japan.
  • Small World - A fantasy boardgame where players try to conquer a (literally) small world.
  • Sorry - A modern take on Parcheesi.
  • Space Alert - Players portray spaceship crew members who go on missions and who must cooperate in order to survive.
  • Space Hulk - Players take the roles of two factions, the Space Marines and the Genestealers, on an ancient, giant space vessel.
  • Steam - A train themed game similar to Age of Steam but with different mechanics.
  • Stone Age - Players take the roles of tribe members trying to build civilization during the Stone Age.
  • Struggle of Empires - A civilization building game set in the 18th century.


  • Taj Mahal - An auction game set in India.
  • Talisman - A fantasy quest board game with a high degree of randomness.
  • Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization - A civilization building game. Your goal is to develop the most culture during the game through various means: religion, literature, drama, etc.
  • Thunderstone - A fantasy game where the players explore dungeons and build a card deck.
  • Tichu - An Asian themed card game with a cooperative climbing aspect.
  • Ticket to Ride - The players' goal is to create the longest railway routes in North America.
  • Ticket to Ride: Europe - Part of the Ticket to Ride series, this one is set in Europe at the turn of the century.
  • Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries - Part of the Ticket to Ride series of boardgames, this one is set in Demark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.
  • Tigris & Euphrates - A civilization building game with a tile placement mechanic. Considered by some people to be Reiner Knizia's masterpiece.
  • Tikal - Players explore Central American jungles.
  • Troyes - A historical boardgame set in France.
  • Trivial Pursuit - Probably the most famous and popular trivia board game in history.
  • Twilight Struggle - A two player board game that simulates the Cold War.


  • Up Front - A card game in which players command a squad of soldiers.



  • Wallenstein - A boardgame set during the Thirty Years' War.
  • War of the Ring - A two player game where players control the two sides of the War of the Ring in Tolkien's Middle-Earth.
  • Warhammer: Invasion - A two player card game that simulates war in the Warhammer universe.
  • Wiz War - A beer and pretzels game where you get to play Harry Potter type wizards having fights.



  • YinshYinsh - An abstract strategy game with rings and markers.


  • Zombies!!! - Twilight Creations' classic tile laying and miniatures game about the zombie apocalypse.

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